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Stars Exchange is a unique resource for bloggers and active Instagram users.Bloggers: Stars Exchange allows a successful or novice blogger to monetize their content by generating and selling their own Star Asset cryptocurrency. All this is very simple to do in one click in the menu of the site or the Stars Exchange application.Subscribers: by acquiring the cryptocurrency of their blogger, the subscriber can receive exclusive discounts on advertising, take part in the blogger’s project, or simply meet to communicate with him. Thus, you can not only observe, but also take part in the media life of a blogger or artist on Instagram.Stars Exchange web technologies are based on the unique advantages and symbiosis of popularity and the cryptocurrency market. We believe in deep cooperation and powerful social activity of our users.We understand the rapid growth, the market and technological revolution and work to constantly improve, prepare and stay ahead of the Future.The Stars Exchange team believes in the power of social media users. We believe in you.

Let the blogger knows you like his/her content.

Starholder is limited to every blogger. As there are more fans wanted to become a starholder of the same blogger, the new fans will be buying your place to be the legitimate starholder.

As you are valueble to the blogger, the blogger will be delighted to give you a shoutout in person to show appreciation of your support


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